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Game Localization as “Post-design”

Partnership with Game Global

Game Global

Very happy to announce this small but fruitful collaboration with Game Global (, an event in world of videogame localization. I invite you to follow them closely, there are some beautiful reflections for storytelling enthusiasts like us too. Support them and don't miss their round table, scheduled for December 3, which will be attended by numerous professionals of videogame localization.

I leave you a very short excerpt of my post and the link to the full version. Enjoy the reading!

"Think of videogame translators. Give them a face. In my opinion, they are soldiers. If the post-production of a game were a battlefield, translators would be specialized soldiers in camouflage, sent for reconnaissance in an unknown territory with little information on the enemy outposts. Their knowledge of the war scenery will possibly condition the entire upcoming battle. Their mission: to be undetected, whatever the cost." [...]

To access the full article, click here.

And thanks. With your support, I am even more motivated.

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